I’m blocking you…

Squirrels, that is. They look cute, but only from a distance and only if you’re not a gardener. City squirrels are super smart, and purposely play tricks on unknowing homeowners. Let me tell you a story about my experience with a resident squirgarden-nettingrel…

About 5 years ago, I planted one organic heirloom tomato plant, the kind that was crinkly, misshapen and with plenty of character. I watered it, cared for it, and watched it grow from a seedling to over 7 feet tall. Most of the blossoms fell off without producing any fruit, but there was one tomato that grew beautifully. I watched as the fruit changed from green to orange to semi-red…a few more days, and it would be ready. Unfortunately, I was not the only one watching the ripening tomato! When I got home from work, I looked at the tomato plant…the tomato was GONE! I searched and found it on the ground about 6 feet away, half eaten. And the thief that stole my tomato was sitting on the fence, staring at me while it was chewing. I wanted to do some serious harm to it.

That was the end of my gardening days until this year. I’ve taken a few cautionary steps this year to control the thieving squirrels. On top of the 10′ rebars, my assistant attached white plastic balls and the Ross Garden Netting. The netting covers both front and back of the raised bed…gotcha!

works great for those thieving squirrels!

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