Imaginery Worlds Exhibit @ Atlanta Botanical Gardens

Whenever I go on vacation, visiting the local botanical garden is a high priority for me. When I was in the hospital numerous times and recovering at home, my sister Lydia texted pictures of plants, trees, clouds, mushrooms, raindrops and the night sky. Seeing these pictures soothed my eyes and calmed my soul, and helped me heal physically and spiritually. 

I read an article years ago by two physicians titled, “The Modern Hippocratic Tradition: Some Messages for Contemporary Medicine.”  The article provides background information on Hippocrates and his major achievements in medicine, namely, the modern medical practice of attributing disease to natural causes and treating based on observations, reasoning, and experience. Hippocrates had a strong faith in nature’s healing power.  He observed the course of the disease, trying not to interfere with nature.  This attitude should not be explained as a passive stance toward the healing process but as a respect for nature’s power to cure.  

Source: Marketos SG, Skiadas, PK. The Modern Hippocratic Tradition: Some messages for contemporary medicine. Spine. 1999 Jul; 24(11):1159-63.


The Atlanta Botanical Gardens is a place that soothes your eyes and reassures your spirit. Anyone in need of quietness should seek nature, whether it’s your local park, hiking trail, community garden, botanical garden, or your own backyard.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens: Imaginary Worlds Exhibit

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