When is enough Enough?

To Whom Much is Given Much is Expected


Does anyone know who should be credited for the above quote/phrase? Please put your answer in the Comments section at the bottom of this post.

Over the past several months, my transplant doctor began tapering the immunosuppressant resulting in symptoms such as nausea, worsening shortness of breath on exertion, and muscle pain and weakness in my leg muscles. In light of this,


various diagnostic procedures were recommended to rule out or rule in graft vs. host disease, side effects of a stem cell transplant. Prior to all the current testing, treatment of graft vs. host disease (GVHD) was based on my symptoms versus the results of tests, which was fine with me. The tests I need are echocardiogram, cat scan of the chest, cardiology consult with EKG, an upper endoscopy with biopsies. As I started going through the diagnostic procedures, a thought occurred to me, “When is enough Enough?”

Within the past 2 years, I had been stuck (with needles) and subjected to nearly every known procedure available to mankind, and here I was starting anew…at least, a few of them. Do I subscribe to the phrase,’Never, never, never quit?’ by Winston Churchill or say ‘Enough is enough’. But will I know when ‘enough is enough?’ I’ve heard stories of persons who don’t give up in pursuing treatment if their blood cancer relapses. Even though I am in remission, I still ponder the question ‘when is enough enough?’ For me, at this moment, enough being defined as the onslaught of diagnostic procedures for the onset of new symptoms or continued symptoms. Living your life around the medical establishment is all consuming and physically draining…liken it to a full-time job without pay. But there are many bright spots throughout my day I am grateful for…my husband, sisters, brothers, family and friends, colleagues, people I hope to meet, and my future dog.

So the key point is to focus on the bright spots, no matter what your trials or distress may be. We all know EVERYONE is going through something.

red standard poodle puppy
labradoodle puppy



  1. Great article.

    If we put God or a Higher Power in the midst of trials and tribulations, then peace and contentment will exist for each of us in given situations.
    Many Blessings!

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