Now, this is interesting – proof of newborn status!

Since my diagnosis of acute leukemia and stem cell transplant back in 2016, I’ve kept all the printouts of my lab results. I am not a hoarder by any means, but this is data, something I’m nerdy about. My last job in clinical analytics, transforming raw data into information and knowledge gives you a glimpse of why I am a data nerd. A few weeks

red blood cells, T-cells (orange), platelets (green) National Institute of Health General Medical Science

ago, I started purging to declutter my office/studio and came across old lab results from 2 years ago, that is, 2 years and 3 months ago. At that time, I had to have a stem cell transplant to cure my type of rare leukemia.

The first scanned picture is a copy of my blood results while hospitalized at Northside Hospital Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit. The timeframe is after I received 1 of 2 rounds of chemotherapies to kill leukemia cells in preparation for the stem cell transplant. 

Scanned lab results:

lab results for newborn status after chemotherapy #1, prior to stem cell transplant


A magnified screenshot of the lab results:


The yellow highlighted sentence above reads…


Note: In medicine, morphology refers to the size, shape, and structure of an organ rather than its function. In the above case, the size, shape, and structure of my red blood cells (RBC) are that of neonates or newborns.

I hope you find this as fascinating as I do. For most of my life, I claimed I was 12, but this proves I’m even younger and more childlike. Benjamin Button, move over!


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