Fox5 interview: “Thank you to my donors for saving my life.”

For those of you who donate blood on a regular basis – thank you! And for those you who are considering donating – don’t think too much, just do it! Why? Because you save people’s lives…like mine. Has a significant person in your life received blood? Did you ever receive blood transfusions? At those times, that significant person and/or yourself received someones’ anonymous donation and saved your life. For those of you who haven’t needed blood products…be thankful because you probably will need them sometime during your lifetime.

Let me tell you a story…a friend of my husband’s parents, Bill, has been donating blood since he was in his twenties because he has O negative blood type designating him as a universal donor. But Bill also feels a responsibility to give back and help his fellow human beings in need.

For patients undergoing stem cell transplant or bone marrow transplant, we need a lot of blood products, especially platelets. Click on the video to see and hear the interview. After clicking on the video image, please wait a few seconds for the recording to begin (it’s a little slow)



Please, please donate blood – save someone’s life.


Atlanta Blood Services  2 locations:

  • 5670 Peachtree Dunwdy # 1075, Atlanta, GA 30342
  • 220 Cobb Parkway N. Marietta, GA 3006

Or do an internet search for your local blood donation center.

When you donate blood, you save lives!!



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